Soap logs: Thundershower and Blanket of Stars
Shampoo Bars
Conditioner bar
Shampoo bars: Waterfall, Grapefruit, Rose Petal and Patchouli
Mandarin Orange
Here's a sampling of soaps from the workshop, including what's new and upcoming, favorite process pics, and seasonal soaps that are on vacation until their time of year rolls 'round again.
Lemon Cream
Glacier (goatmilk peppermint)
Autumn Leaves soap
Waterfall soap
Black Raspberry & Vanilla
Autumn Leaves: Ebru inspired leaves in a lemongrass -Patchouli-blend
Waterfall soap log before cutting
Chai Tea soap
Lime Leaf soap
 'Lime Leaf' soap before cutting
Chai Tea soap
Botanical Conditioner bars
Vanilla Mint soap
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a log of 'Vanilla Mint' soap before cutting
 'English Amber'
Black Raspberry soap